Weda: “Nobody has ever won a war against the Judiciary, their writings last generations.”

Only 34 out of the nominated 40 judges by the JSC were sworn into office by the President last Friday 4th June 2021, & that decision has caused a huge storm in the legal and political circles: what becomes of the 6 judges rejected by the President?

Weda: “Judge Odunga cannot take a bribe, I can swear with the Bible I know him, he was my classmate.”

Judges taking oath of office at State House on 4th June 2021

Tomorrow the 10th June 2021 Treasury CS Ukur Yattani will deliver the budget for financial year 2021-2021 This year’s budget is expected to shoot up to over 3 trillion shillings up from the current 2.8 trillion shillings. According to the Central Bank of Kenya he country’s total debt is currently at about Sh7 trillion.

Weda: “I expect CS Ukur Yattani to allocate enough money to buy vaccines not to wait for donations.”

Treasury CS Ukur Yatani in Parliament for Budget reading on June 11, 2020.
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