KBC English Service: “Covid-19 infections have tripled during the current wave in Kisumu.” – Dr Gregory Ganda.

Austin Omondi – Boda Boda rider at Kibuye Market in Kisumu

There are all indications of active community transmission.

Kisumu County has ramped up testing.

Research in the relationship between Malaria and Covid-19 could yield more data on Covid-19.

Active surveillance (popularly known as contact tracing) is key in the war against Covid-19.

Dr. Gregory Ganda – Acting Chief Officer of Health in Kisumu

The India variant (now baptized as the DELTA variant) is highly infectious.

Public transport operators and commuters need to practice self discipline.

Home based care has its successes and challenges.

Boda Boda operators at hand washing station in Wagai, Siaya County.

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