KBC ENGLISH SERVICE: “We have to capitalize on the role of the media in changing societal mindset towards the fight against FGM” ~ Benard Ogoi.

FGM has been illegal in Kenya since 2011 (offenders face a jail term of 3 years, or a fine of 200,000 shillings, or both) yet the practice goes on with impunity in many communities.

We often look to the government to wipe out such practices but what is often downplayed is the role of journalists and the media in general: training, creating awareness and sensitizing the public on harmful “cultural” practices

How much effort is being made in education and communication through the communities, faith-based organizations, civil rights groups and the authorities to meet the goal of eradicating FGM?

These ‘barbaric practices’ pose a threat to education of girls, especially with many of students still grappling with the challenges of disruption to learning due to the pandemic

BERNARD OGOI is the Project Coordinator for Journalists for Human Rights, an organization that mobilizes the media to spread human rights awareness.

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