KBC English service: Covid virus requires you to be alert

Covid 19 is here!

Although it’s been here since March last year, the current wave is more devastating.

Almost everyone now knows a friend, colleague or even a family member who is either infected or has died from the virus. 

The need to observe the guidelines spelt out by the experts to avoid infection cannot be over emphasized.

Dr. Ahmed Kalebi who has played a significant role in the combat and management of covid-19 since it hit Kenya last year. Dr. Kalebi is the founder and chief executive of Lancet Group of Laboratories in East Africa. He speaks with Geoffrey Mungai on this podcast of The Spotlight.

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  1. Daniel Odada

    I thank the government of Kenya for her measures and concern to dealing with the pandemic since march last year. the third wave is a major concern I Propose lockdown to three KENYAN Cities. Secondly I Thank developed partners for their genorisity toward Africa and commend their advancement in the field of science.

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