English Service: Women voices against Female Genital Mutilation

Women from Marsabit county face structural barriers to the full enjoyment of their human rights and are largely excluded from leadership and decision-making processes at all levels. Although the constitution provides for inclusivity and gender equality, pastoralists are clan-based societies where decision-making is the preserve of clan elders. In the clan-based system women have limited outlet for participation in public life and have for long remained invisible and silent members of the society.

However, in the recent years, there are emerging women leaders and women-led organizations that have produced some drastic changes which have enabled pastoralists women to fight against gender-based discriminations, harmful practices and participate in activities like peacebuilding processes that were previously considered as an exclusive preserve of men. a very warm welcome to this special feature ‘’SILENT NO MORE’’, where we bring you a story of extraordinary pastoralists women leaders who have broken social barriers and stereotypes and ventured into public life. In this episode, we will focus on their voices against harmful practice of FGM. AM NAGAYO NURA, WELCOME TO THE PROGRAM.

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