KBC English Service: Meet the first African to make a ventilating machine

Epilepsy is a chronic disorder that causes unprovoked, recurrent seizures.

The prevalence of epilepsy is about 20 cases in every 1,000 people.

There is little awareness on Epilepsy in Kenya, the reason Julia Wanjiku sat down with Kotieno Fredrick Nundu, a clinician. He received Head of State’s Commendation (H.S.C) for inventing the first ventilating machine in Africa to get more information on the disease.

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    • Shadrack

      congrats Dr. Fred, kama mavijana we are very proud of people like you. I loved the show. It was very educative and inspirational.. Kazi poa.. Endelea kukam kwa show. LOL

  1. James Mvoi

    KBC mumeweza waah. Venye mumetuletea doc myouth anatuelimisha hizi Mambo za epilepsy na ameunda maventilator. Maze bigups maze. Muendelee hivo. Mtuletee wengine pia mayouth.

  2. Dorine A. Nyarotso

    Congratulations Kotieno Frederick and your team mates, you have done a commendable job in inventing the ventilating machine. Let’s embrace our own and cut on costs.

  3. Charity Kwamboka

    The talk on epilepsy was quite enlightening,,the words used were easy and simple to follow,we need more topics like pregnancy and hypertension.

  4. Ruth Achieng

    Kenya is a hot bed of invention and intelligence. So inspiring.
    Is it true that some face masks contain harmful chemicals to the users that causes continuous flu?
    And how can we avoid it if the above question is true?
    Finally what should one do if someone has an epileptic attack,is there any first aid one can perform before taking the person to the hospital?
    Is epilepsy curable?
    It was awesome listening to you Dr kotieno.

    • Fredrick Kotieno

      Hello Ruth, thanks for your well researched questions.
      At the moment I can say the allegation about masks coated with flu are neither here nor there because there has not been evidence tabled . However, you should take caution and buy masks from trustworthy dealers and the box should have a KEBS mark of quality.
      About cure, management and first aid on epilepsy, I have covered it in that radio show, I am sure you will complete it.
      Thanks and keep safe. Bless!😃

  5. Dorcas Martha Ober

    This is very encouraging. I have learned a lot on epilepsy. Fredrick is a confident smart young man and he knows his stuff. Keep it up doc.

  6. Christine Were

    Thank you so much Fredrick for sharing such valuable information on elepsy.
    This is a neurological disease affecting so many Kenyans, and doctor/nurses/clinicians are obligated to train us on how to manage this disease.
    Thank you.

  7. Chrystal Mueni Njuguna

    It’s one of this podcasts that you’ll nod your head all the way through and end up having a flame ignited in you. A flame of hope for the future. Getting a chance to have great pioneers to look up to and reference. It is great to hear of such accomplishment, that even though it was just a professed thought it was to be a reality, a great one on that note. We are truly not limited and we can accomplish anything we want to.
    Thank you for the enlightment on epilepsy. It was elaborate and easy to understand leaving me with an urge to help on any incident I may encounter rin the future and act Form a point of knowledge and not just rumors. This was truly a great session. Thank you to the participating parties

  8. Jafar muhsin

    Great job!!!Fred dissects and duscusses matters uniquely and in a simple way.To have all those achievements at such a young age is inspiring.
    I would like to watch Fred on TV….
    #FredOnKBC Tv

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