KBC English: Jubilee administration has delivered says Munuve

The Jubilee administration has been on the spot over the past eight years, as Kenyans debate on whether or not his administration has delivered on promises made in their 2013 and 2017 campaigns.

Among the achievements, Jubilee has prided itself in, is the construction of the Standard Gauge Railway, the expansion of the national grid, and the reduction in the cost of doing business in the country.

This morning on the big Julia Wanjiku spoke to John Munuve, the former MP Mwingi North Constituency on the achievements of the Jubilee Government.

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  1. Kilonzo governor loading

    John munuve is a good leader,he has been my former mp mwingi north and his trademarks are seen. He’s doing good to jubilee.


    Hon. John munuve was and still is a leader with an impeccable track record. His achievements while serving as mwingi north legislator are worthy emulation by any anticipating leader.As constituents we appeal to voters to reinstate “kisomo’ came 2022.

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