KBC English Service: Flooding Headache For 57 Years after Independence

A woman in a flooded area in Budalangi.

Why the water will still come back and Kenya’s struggle against flooding is still far from over.

Marcella Wamoyi tells the experiences and challenges faced daily by residents of Budalang’I and especially class 8 and grade 4 students and teachers of Musoma Primary School who have to wade in water to get to school about a year after floods subsided.

KBC Producer Marcella Wamoyi.

Some students and their parents are still housed in the nearby Khumwanda camp and life is unbearable

Why did the school which is still in water and decide to push on with learning even after the government suggested it should relocate to safer areas? Headteacher Humphrey Ouma gives a sad account in Jamhuri special feature on KBC English service and Radio Taifa

Listen – English

Listen – Kiswahili

Floods have remained a hard nut to crack since 1963 when Kenya attained independence. Flooding events have continued to increase and in the year 2020, nearly 300 lives were lost and over 800,000 people affected. This is according to the minister of Devolution and Arid and Semi-Arid Lands, Eugene Wamalwa who issued the statistics in May 2020.

Budalandi, Busia County.

In August 2020 about 400 families from Budalangi, in Busia County, had been displaced since April 2020, when the Nzoia River that flows from Kenya’s western highlands into Lake Victoria burst its banks.

The dykes in this area are temporary and what happened to the permanent ones? I found out that the water backflows could be corrected with proper funding and this is yet to happen.

Marcella Wamoyi in a hut of a person displaced by floods in Budalangi.

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