Coro FM: Unduire – 7th Nov, 2020

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#Ūndūire witū_Gītooi_Kīmenyaga_Kīerwo 8pm to midnight. Ūmūthī turatongorio ni mwana Mwende. Muthuri ti Ndungu wa Kamande ee rutha.

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  1. Kagwima maina, mungui wa mbari ya njano

    Seeking for wisdom (kirira) is paramount to everyone with a sound mind. It’s unfortunate when the unfolding events go wrong that one rushes to amend the unbecoming faults. Thanks our mtonyi chief kanyonga for the continuous enlightenment on our culture and values. If there are” set aside classes”, I’m ready to attend nyongerere wathi.

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