Coro FM: #Unduire witū Gītoī kīmenyaga kīerwo – 22nd August, 2020

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#Unduire witū Gītoī kīmenyaga kīerwo tūgītonywo ndūgīra nī mūthuri ti Cibū #Kanyonga wa mūkono 8pm to midnight. Ūmūthī nī tabarīra ya Q n A ciūria na Anja.

4 Replies to “Coro FM: #Unduire witū Gītoī kīmenyaga kīerwo – 22nd August, 2020”

  1. Margie Maina

    The show was nice I learnt concerning our culture.
    The best part of the show was that listeners had a chance to ask questions concerning real life experiences and got all the answers 👍


    Good work there ndungu wa kamande.
    Let me say this session is great and educative, how I wish many will be turned in next Saturday to get more of this knowledge for free especially young people for they lack this knowledge.
    Nima gitoi kimenyaga kierwo.

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